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Light Aircraft Rental México

Executive Aviation in México

Rental of light aircraft / México

Meicer Aviacion offers the rental of executive planes configured to 6 and 14 passengers for their regional travel from {city} to any airport or aerodrome closest to their destination, we perform private flights with passengers, special cargo, hunting equipment, golf and fishing , our small planes have the capacity to operate in aerodromes and short runways of the region.

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Package and goods transfers in light aircraft / México

The planes are an excellent tool for the transport of goods and transport of goods at regional level, our cessna 206, cirrus sr 22 and metro II equipment, are equipped to operate on runways and aerodromes, ranches, mines and areas under construction.

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Transfer of Personnel / México

The planes are an excellent medium for the transport of personnel for the mining and construction sector, shorten times and provide security in the transfers to mining developments, our programs increase productivity and shorten distances, are designed to provide the best cost in the transfer to remote areas or areas of difficult access.

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Our Cessna, Cirrus, King Air, Piper, Pilatus PC 12 aircraft are the best option for executive charter flights, with less than 800 miles.

Rent of Executive Aircraft / México

Our airplanes King air and Pilatus are the best option for flights in turboprop equipment, your regional flights will no longer be the same when flying these teams with their comfortable cabins and an average speed of 220 kts. they provide a unique service on their regional flights.

Rental of Executive Aircraft inMéxico

private flights

Private Aircraft Membership

Exclusive Meicer Premium membership gives you the advantages of owning the plane, but at a fraction of its value with service availability 365 days a year.

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Air taxi rental

National and international air taxi service, fly comfortably in our planes and executive planes with the best cost.

charter flights cargo

Cargo Charter Flights

Logistic solutions in national and international charter flights, personalized service 24 hours with tracking via satellite of your cargo ..

helicopter rental

Helicopter Rental

Helicopter hire executive, cargo hook, transfer of personnel, supervision of works, service to marine platforms and boats.