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Helicopter rental México

Executive Air Taxi México

Rental of Executive Helicopters / México

Meicer Helicopteros offers an extremely versatile and comfortable service to travel by helicopter, allowing you to land or take off in remote areas or metropolitan heliports; We have a large fleet located strategically throughout the country, the helicopters provide the opportunity to move easily to any point you want.

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Specialized Helicopters Industrial Service / México

Meicer Helicopters provides specialized service in the mining industry for exploration, drilling, rescues and relocation of personnel, in the energy industry we carry out construction, construction and maintenance of towers, supervision of transmission lines, we support communication companies in the installation and maintenance of antennas, for the gas and oil industry we provide transfers to platforms, gas pipelines inspection, transfer of heavy machinery, installation of camps.

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Helicopter cargo charter flights / México

Charter flights urgent cargo in {city}, our helicopter logistics services provide a solution to your problems in supply, with a response capacity of less than an hour we provide solutions to your problems for delivery of spare parts, merchandise, minerals , values, our cargo charter flights are the best logistics option in México.

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Transfer Corporate Staff / México

Our helicopters are an extraordinary combination of comfort, space and range. Its capacity to transport 4 to 6 passengers makes them the best option in its class, ideal for corporate flights, by reducing the time of transfers to the job location, it gives you the possibility of making multiple visits to construction sites, customized walks, executive transportation, helicopter charter flights provide security, transfer flexibility to land in private locations such as hotels, restaurants, boats, marine platforms, industrial plants, with Meicer Aviacion fly higher and further in their business.

Helicopter charter flights give you a flexibility of transfer to your corporate needs in México.

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Hire helicopters Executives / México

Meicer provides you with a versatile rental service for executive helicopters in {city}. Our service is designed for businessmen, public persons and celebrities, who require an agile and safe means of transport for transfers from any point of {city}, whether residential, hotel, commercial or private heliports as well as FBO rooms in national airports.

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Exclusive Meicer Premium membership gives you the advantages of owning the plane, but at a fraction of its value with service availability 365 days a year.

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Discover the best way to travel with our Executive Air Taxi Service, get the benefits of a private charter at a faction of the cost.

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Logistic solutions in national and international charter flights, personalized service 24 hours with tracking via satellite of your cargo.

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Helicopter hire executive, cargo hook, transfer of personnel, supervision of works, service to marine platforms and boats.