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Logistics and Urgent Air Cargo Mexico

Cargo Charter Flights Mexico

Urgent Cargo Air Transport / Mexico

Our logistics department provides the best solutions for urgent cargo charter flights, when the time is the most important to avoid a stoppage in the production line or it is necessary to deliver pieces or urgent documents, no matter the complexity of your service, Meicer find the best air route saving time and cost, we have a qualified team with extensive experience to provide charter services to companies in the automotive industry, aviation, shipping companies and private yachts, cargo, oil, gas and mining companies. We offer a range of varied cargo in airplanes from 1 ton to 30 tons.

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Transfers parcels and urgent merchandise / Mexico

Meicer Aviacion has a light logistic service that allows our clients to solve their problems in delivery of material, spare parts and urgent documents with charter flights 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to any destination in Mexico, the United States and Canada. we support it with the customs procedures and provide necessary advice for the transport of special cargo cargo such as securities, art pieces, pets.

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Specialized Air Cargo / Mexico

In Meicer Aviacion we have designed solutions for specialized air cargo transportation with charter flights, we know the rules and restrictions on flights for special cargo transportation, our processes are monitored with cutting-edge technology to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination in time and way, we operate with airplanes and helicopters to provide the best logistics solution to your urgent shipments.

Our airplanes and helicopters, are the best option for cargo charter flights in Mexico.

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Shipping Diplomatic Charge / Mexico

Meicer Aviacion offers you charter flights and hand carrier service for the transfer of cargo and diplomatic bags anywhere in the world, we guarantee a transport with the safest service for your diplomatic shipments 24 hours a day.

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Business Solutions in Air Cargo / Mexico

Meicer Logistica provides integral solutions to your supply chain, we work with your company in the analysis of your needs and special requirements, we design your charter flights for scheduled shipments and thereby maximize the delivery time in your air cargo to any national destination and International, we are specialists in the transport of minerals, medicines, automotive parts and all cargo that requires a specialized transfer with the highest levels of security.

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