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Private Aircraft Rental / México

Meicer Aviacion offers private plane rental Cessna 206, 210, Cessna Grand Caravan, Piper Saratoga V, Pilatus Pc 12, Cirrus sr 20 and 22, Learjet 31, 35, 45, 75, Hawker 700, 800, Embraer Phenom, 100, 300, Legacy 500, 600 as well as gulfstream IV and V. Our modern fleet of private aircraft is available 24 hours, we offer the best rates on private charter flights, for incentive groups, tourism and business flights, we can take any flight in private planes to any destination. We guarantee the best rates for executive aircraft rentals, make the most of your time with our concierge service you can plan your work tours or trips with family or friends. We provide a specialized service to public people, athletes, artists, officials or any person who requires travel with privacy and security inside and outside the country, we perform the complete logistics for musical groups acting in México.

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Custom Executive Services / México

In Meicer Aviacion we have a vast experience in the design of corporate programs, we transform business trips into a unique experience with our executive flights, increase productive time for your company, travel with safety, comfort and efficiency. We have business packages that will give you preferential rates for renting private planes for the transfer of personnel or executives. With our executive planes, you can design your own itinerary, no matter the departure point, destination or if you want to make multiple stops in your route, we adjust to the needs required by your company.

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Executive Aircraft Rental / México

Experience the luxury and comfort that characterizes the service in private jets, our airplanes Pilatus pc 12, Learjet 45, Challenger 604 are an excellent option for groups of 9 to 13 passengers. In Meicer aviacion we offer in our private flights, a service at the highest level, our priority is to exceed the expectations that our customers have, you can be sure that each executive plane is supervised in detail by our team specialized in maintenance, customer service and operations prior to your departure, we take the necessary measures to guarantee your privacy, security and comfort on each flight.

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Executive Jet Rental / México

Do you want to rent an Executive Jet? No matter if it is a last minute flight or you are planning your next family trip or business, we have the best private planes in México, with configurations to accommodate from 6 to 14 passengers comfortably and the ability to operate even at the regional airport more Small, our executive jets are the safest way to travel.

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Private Airplanes Rates / México

Our concierge service was created to facilitate our clients the rental of private planes, with just one call or an email you will receive the best VIP attention.

Our concierge will provide you with the best air taxi rates for your service and will coordinate all the details for your trip, hotel reservations, car rentals, special excursions, restaurant reservations, etc. Our team is at your service 24 hours a day to guarantee that your wishes come true.

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Private Aircraft Membership

Exclusive Meicer Premium membership gives you the advantages of owning the plane, but at a fraction of its value with service availability 365 days a year.

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Air taxi rental

National and international air taxi service, fly comfortably in our planes and executive planes with the best cost.

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Cargo Charter Flights

Logistic solutions in national and international charter flights, personalized service 24 hours with tracking via satellite of your cargo ..

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Helicopter Rental

Helicopter hire executive, cargo hook, transfer of personnel, supervision of works, service to marine platforms and boats.