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Meicer Aviacion / Services Mexico

In Meicer Aviacion Ejecutiva we have created our portfolio of executive air services, forging a close relationship with our customers. We offer the best rates of Private Aviation in Mexico. Our team of aviation professionals is trained to provide a safe, discreet and professional service.

Meicer Aviacion Executive / Aircraft Commercialization Mexico

Meicer Aviacion Ejecutiva we offer you the total commercialization of your aircraft incorporating it into our fleet. We have a group of experienced professionals who cover all aspects of property operation, and maintenance of aircraft. You already invested in an aircraft because of the great advantages it offers, but the current economy, the high operating costs, the complexity of carrying out the operation of the flight itself can cause this valuable time and productivity to be thrown overboard. Enjoy your aircraft, earn money with it and save your time. Heavy work with airplanes is our specialty. You need to get the most out of your aircraft, let the experts of Meicer Aviacion take over.

Meicer Aviacion Executive / Aircraft Management Mexico

In Meicer Aviacion we work every day in coordination with owners, crews, engineers and authorities, to provide the best service in operational, administrative, technical, financial, legal and safety aspects of your aircraft with our services:

Total Aircraft Administration

Administration of Crews and Personnel Maintenance

Marketing and Financial Administration

Operation and Maintenance Consulting

Legal Consulting and Procedures


Logistical support of parts and spare parts

Executive Air Services Mexico

Meicer Aviacion puts at your disposal the experience of more than 20 years of operation in executive aviation, our team of professionals will manage the plan appropriate to your needs for the care and operation of your aircraft.

Meicer Aviacion Ejecutiva, is one of the leading companies in the aeronautic sector, with 15 years of experience, we offer a personalized service of private jets, private charter flights, executive air services, air taxis, with total security and confidentiality in the handling of your business trips or work tours. Contact our customer service for more information at 52 1 958 584 6484

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