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Air Ambulance Service in Mexico

Transfers of Critical Patients

Air Ambulance Service / Mexico

Meicer Aviacion offers you national and international coverage in the air ambulance service, bed to bed, our coordinators will assist you and assist you in determining the most suitable way for the patient to move to any hospital, we will respond quickly and in a timely manner to your medical needs. airplanes and helicopters to cover any emergency.

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Transfer Critical Patients / Medevac Ambulance Service Mexico

Meicer Aviacion makes emergent transfers with air ambulance for critically ill patients, the combination of airplanes and helicopters gives us the necessary speed for a better response to their transfers of organs and critical patients to any hospital in the country, our aeromedical crews are prepared to attend Any patient who needs to be evacuated by aero ambulance due to an emergency.

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Funeral Transports / Medevac Ambulance Mexico

Meicer Aviacion offers you the service with aerial ambulance for funeral transfers, national and international, we provide the best attention in your difficult moments, we assist you step by step with the necessary documentation to make the transfer of the body, to any city of the country or abroad , we coordinate with the authorities and funeral homes the departure and arrival of your loved one.

Our aircraft Cessna, Cirrus, King Air, Piper, Pilatus, are the best option for your funeral transfer, at least 800 miles.

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Sanitary Flights 24 hours / Air Ambulance Mexico

In Meicer Aviacion we have designed an air ambulance program for mining, construction, oil and gas companies, with an extensive network we provide emergency service in cases of accidents in construction sites and mining, oil and gas operations.

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